Hair And Pollution: What Is The Result Of The Mixture?

Hello girls, happy Wednesday! We only have two days left, and it will be the weekend. That’s good. Well, while the weekend does not come, how about talking about a topic that is very important but that we sometimes overlook: Pollution on our hair.

We, who live in the city, clean our face with cotton to see the dirt that accumulates on our skin because of pollution. The same happens in our hair, but these aggressions are not appreciated until our hair loses life and dries up.

Hair And Pollution: The Challenge To The Health Of Our Hair

As we have said, the presence of pollution particles, with a mixture of metals, acids and other elements harmful to health, is constant.

The contamination misbehaves on our hair and the scalp. And, in each of them, it works differently. Because it is an extension of the skin, the scalp can have its pores clogged by the mixture of sebum naturally produced in its glands and dirt particles.

Our Hair3

The result of this, besides a greasy appearance, can be itching, scaling, and even hair loss. As for the hair, the presentation is of a dull hair, aged, that is easily entangled, and without movement.

The contamination is more severe for those women who have oily hair although we should not think that only those who have greasy hair will be affected by pollution. We all suffer.

How Can We Prevent Pollution From Damaging Our Hair?


Use styling cream with UV filters. The cream prevents frizz and helps to untangle the hair, so it will leave the hair more soft and manageable, at the same time that its sun protection factor will create a barrier protecting it from the Sun and other external aggressions. Girls, I remind you that it is essential to use sunscreen on our hair all year round and not only during the summer.

Hydration at home1
Hydration at home2
Hydration at home3
Hydration at home4
Hydration at home5

Hydration at home. It is not the same to be in a forest than in the city. In the countryside, the hair absorbs the natural moisture of nature, but in the town absorbs moisture full of pollution. We must avoid it by moisturizing the hair at home so that it does not seek moisture from the contaminated air. How? Once a week applies a moisturizing mask, wrap the hair in a towel and let stand 30 minutes so that all the nutrients penetrate well.

Capillary oxygenation. This hair treatment should be part of all beauty routines. Caring for the scalp is the key to good health and image of our hair. If the root, where it is born, is not clean it is impossible for the hair to grow because the dirt (pollution, pollution, toxic agents) prevents it. The solution is a Capillary Oxygenation to decongest and oxygenate the root causing cellular regeneration and the growth of a new hair much more beautiful and robust.

Our Advice To Increase Your Turnover

How to increase the turnover of my hair salon? This is a real problem facing many salon managers (be it a hairdresser or a beauty salon).

Most salon managers have been trained to be a hairdresser and beauty professional, where business training is too often forgotten. Few or no knowledge of business creation and management are transmitted to you. It is therefore quite natural to feel an absolute blur on some aspects of management, sales or communication, especially if you just started.

In this article, we present various tips that will help you increase the turnover of your hair salon. They are based on the three pillars: strengthen the average basket, improve the number of visits, bring in new customers.

Increase the amount your average basket

To increase the turnover of your hair salon, we advise you to improve your average basket … Attention that does not necessarily mean to raise the prices.

Sell the products of your hair salon

We are a hairdresser, not a salesman” is a phrase that we often hear. It is precisely because you are a hairdresser and you know your job that you can best advise your customer on this or that product.

Do not be in a purely commercial approach, but in a method of accompaniment. So the customer will be more confident and will be better able to buy one of your products.

Nevertheless,  the sale of product comes in several steps that you must know to facilitate the act of purchase.

Step 1: The discovery phase

The diagnosis is a special moment with your client. Take the time to evaluate the hair, while asking as many questions as possible to know the hair care habits of your client: what products does he use, how does he take care of his hair, what would he like to do?

To complete your analysis, click on its customer profile. This will also let you know if he has already bought products in your living room.

This is when you can predict the products you will use during the delivery. The products that the customer will be most apt to buy.

Step 2: Make you want

Throughout the service, share your knowledge with your client, he will appreciate the exchange, will feel reassured and will have the feeling of being taken in hand.

Tell them about the products you use: why the brand, what are the benefits, how long are the results, etc.?

Place the product in front of him: this will provoke the desire to take the product in the hands. The customer will feel a little closer to the product. If he looks at it, reads the instructions or takes it in his hands, it means that he is already considering the purchase.